My Chopped Israeli Salad

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The simplest Middle Eastern salad that you can find would include tomato and cucumber, and sometimes onion.  Arabic and Jewish people who have lived all over the middle east and levant have their own special family variations as far as the size they cut the vegetables, dressing and seasoning.  Eaten at almost ever meal, including breakfast for some families, it's a simple fast salad to make sure you're getting nutrition in your diet.  Turkish people cut their vegetables into large pieces and often season with sumac while Syrians and lebanese make a version with toasted pics of pita called Fattoush salad(middle eastern panzanella....)  Here’s my version with lots of additional herbs and veg, full of texture, color and bold flavor.

Serving Size: 4-6 People


1 pint of cherry tomatoes, cut in half

2 Persian cucumbers, diced

1 red onion, diced

1 bunch scallion, sliced

3 small-medium kohlrabi, peeled and diced

1 bunch of radishes, diced

1 jalapeno, diced

1 small bunch parsley leaves

A small handful of mint leaves

Fine sea salt and pepper, to taste

2 lemons, halved

Good quality olive oil, to taste


Combine the ingredients in a large bowl.  Just before serving, chop the parsley and tear the mint over the salad.  Season with salt and pepper and dress with freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil.  Serve immediately.

Cook's Notes

Cook’s Note: The salad is especially flavorful when the ingredients are at room temperature and the herbs are pulled fresh from the refrigerator or garden and chopped just before serving.