Everything But the Turkey. Our Top 11 Best Thanksgiving Recipes (in no particular order!!)

The Inherited Plate shares our favorite non turkey Thanksgiving recipes.  Sides, soups, desserts and vegetables coming at you from New York, Cali and beyond.  From chefs Stephen Durfee, Angela Pinkerton, Ashley Faulkner, Lexi Dilligard and our amazing home cooks like Batia, Ziva and Balbina.   I threw in a few of mine for good measure.  We've got recipes from Hungary, Mexico and Ohio!  cheers from Our Inherited Plate community to your family and friends celebrating the holidays.  

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Spaghetti and Yogurt or Chatachtuma

Spaghetti and Yogurt is a childhood favorite of mine.  The recipe is rooted in the Levant and is part of the Nashdidan culinary tradition. Nashdidan refers to the name of the language and people of a group of Assyrian Jews who lived in Syria, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Kazahkistan, Turkey and Afghanistan.  They speak a dialect of aramaic called Nashdidan.  Today less than 4,000 Jews speak nashdidan.

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